Why You May Find It Hard Losing Weight?

Hello! firstly I’d like to introduce myself, for those that don’t already know me my name is Jermaine Graham. You may often hear me refer to myself as Maine.

Welcome to Maine’s Direct Fitness

I’ve started this blog as a general focus on fitness, whether that is:

  • Weight lifting
  • Weight loss
  • Healthy living
  • Cross fit
  • Sports
  • Events

or toning up and having a better lifestyle, all will be covered at some point or another. Although my focus, that will not be my only focus. Food will be and from time to time some Events I’ve attended alongside sharing my own fitness journey.

That’s a lot Right! I know but please bear with me.

Remember your comments are always welcome, the more, the better and feedback, whether it be positive or negative is good as this blog is not only for me but for you guys as well and if you think any one may benefit feel free to share.

Right a little about myself in a few short sentences!!…………….

I have been involved in sports, gym & fitness most of my life and I am a fully qualified level 3 personal trainer, who is still driven to improve whilst continuing to learning, So even though I am qualified, my journey has only just begun as well.


A lot of people attend the gym regularly, they may exercise at home or use home equipment and some regularly keep active outdoors in an attempt to lose weight! There are those that eat less, go on whatever diet is the latest craze at the time and expect a big difference to be made in a short amount of time?

A little insight as to maybe why your struggling to lose weight, get into the size dress you want or get that beach body you’re looking for.


When it comes down to it, a lot of people always try to go all or nothing! What I mean by this is, let’s say a person will change their whole diet and eat everything they don’t normally, (healthy foods) stop having all the treats they love or starve themselves, miss meals and so on in an attempt to lose those extra calories. so basically, they go from 0 to 100%, when in fact all though some people can do this, the majority of people find it hard to stick to. The body craves what it used to, the taste, the sugar and the fats. The temptation proves to much and after a few days or weeks people revert back to the norm, eating unhealthier, junk foods, snacking and consuming extra calories and sugars, sometimes this is even worse than their normal diet.

From personal experience as a PT helping others to achieve their goal. Going just 5% 15% 25% in can be hugely beneficial, any small percentage you can handle, eating the same foods but instead of 3 takeaways a week maybe just 2, whilst swapping one for a healthy meal. Instead of drinking fizzy drinks change to water or cut fizzy drinks down. Maybe you don’t have breakfast well start having breakfast or have small portions when having meals. What I’m trying to say is make small changes over time not big ones. This way you can stay more consistent, managing it better and integrating it into your daily routing and when it becomes natural, second nature in fact, then you can make another change. This way you are more likely to stick to your goals and targets, without feeling the loss of sugars your body will be craving due to your body been used to the intake of them on a regular basis.

We all know that you need a decent diet along with exercise to achieve your goal, but without been consistent after going so far you will only revert backwards.

No fitness issues weight wise will be fixed in a week or two it is a long journey depending on your goal, so don’t think a single month of hard work will give you perfect results, although you may see a small change remember these things take time.

The same goes for training whether in the gym, outdoors or at home. Going all in can lead you to burn out and then not doing any physical exercise! just sitting at home for the next few days or weeks. I advise you plan the days you want to attend then gym or be active weather its 1 to 4 times a week I would always recommend for beginners or non-frequent gym users to start with an attendance of twice a week spreading out the days to give you enough rest before the next session, then after 2/3 months if you are able and want to add another day in, keeping a few days between each session, this is the best way to stay consistent.

For the people that can go all in and stick to it yes! you may see results faster if you are eating correct and attending the gym training to a good standard. For the rest your results will come slower but the fact that they are coming, and you’re not stuck in limbo struggling to lose weight or reverting to a bigger size should keep you motivated in continuing to reach your goal.

While thinking about losing weight is that your true goal?

Burning fat doesn’t necessarily mean you’re losing weight. Take some time to think what you want. Is it to lose weight, be a certain size, burn fat or to have your waist and stomach at whatever inch it is you desire? Get that target in your head! little details can make a big difference to the way you train and what exercise you do when training with a professional and when training alone this can also benefit you as well.

So next time you set yourself a target of losing weight or burning fat remember how ever small your first step makes sure your consistent in making those small changes bit by bit and stay focused on the bigger goal in sight.

I hope you all have enjoyed reading my first blog and look forward to more to come.

Please feel free to like share and comment, if you have any question  you can contact me on my blog also my, I will try to respond and answer all question as quick as possible thanks for your time and support, hope you all continue to have a great day, stay consistent and smash those goals.


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