Most frequent questions and answers
Personal Trainer - Coach

YES, we are all fully qualified, please check out our Home Page

We offer a wide variety of training techniques.

Are programmes are customised and created around your needs so you are able to reach them in a reasonable time at a safe manor so long as plans are followed.

Are training offered consist of weight loss, muscle building and weight gaining, toning. functional, sports specific training, strength and conditioning to name a few to see if we can help you book in a consultation and if we feel you need a different set of expertise, we will direct you to another professional in that area.

All are exercise are tailored to you, if you are waiting to get fit thinking you’re not fit enough then your wrong.

We will always set exercise that you are capable of and able to do safely. While pushing you to achieve greater. The aim is not to get fit before training with us but to train with us in order to not only get fit but to become better.


We can train both Male and Female of any age


No sessions are allowed to be taken with out a consultation having taken place, this allows us to collect date on your self and also make you fully aware of what is in titled in the packages and what is expected of you.  Once you have had a consultation you are free to take as many sessions as you like.

A minimum of 24 hour’s notice of cancellation is required for all appointments, so we can relocate your session.

Notice of less than 24 hours will incur full payment of the session fee.

To cancel please either phone or text your dedicated coach.

Currently Training take place at JD GYMS Birmingham B6 4NF if this changes the info on website will be updated.

If the client is running late the session will not extend and will end at the appointed time. We also ask that if you are going to be late to txt or call your dedicated Coach.

If the coach is running late the session will be extended if this is possible or time added to subsequent sessions.