Believe in Yourself

Be the Best You Can Be

I Jermaine Graham (Maine) established Personal Trainer with over 5 years’ experience as a Personal Trainer with over 15 years’ experience in the Fitness & Sports industry from Thai Boxing, Bodybuilding, as well as winning medals in Swimming, Athletics and Football.

I believe in self-improvement and always striving to becoming the best version of yourself, that every day you should push to be better and that can only be achieved by understanding your body and working smart and hard.

I have managed to transform my body multiple time over the years. From being a skinny teen to overweight to a fast toned athletic 82kg body idea for sports and mix martial arts to 96kg bodybuilding.

As I continue my natural body building and preparing to hopefully compete. I expects the same hard work and dedication that I puts in from my clients and believes that the results my clients have acquired over the years speak for themselves.

I am not only a result based Personal Trainer & Coach but a Personal Trainer and Coach that focuses not only on the physical but also the mental health side of training and understanding the body. I pride myself on specialising in body transformations and sports specific training.

Throughout my career I prided myself on working with clients that are Office Workers to training Paramedics to pass fitness tests, Police Officers, every day gym goers, clients with Orthopaedic Injuries, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Coaching Children Physical Fitness & Sports, giving obese clients there confidence back as well as allowing them to be able to manage and control their health and diet. Making Brides-to-be feel and look their best, and athletics sports men and women improve their performance and game.

These changes are not only visible in the mirror but also clients are educated and encouraged to make life changes to not only give them freedom to manage their health but also improve their current quality of life by making small but important life style changes to stay on top and improve their health.  As your Personal Trainer/ Coach not only am I passionate but also dedicated to helping you achieve, maintain and surpass your goals and dreams.

We Have ONE BODY; ONE LIFE let’s make it the best we can.

As I always say it’s a bit of a cliché but “be the best version of you”
Direct Gainz – Be DIRECT with it

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